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Search and Book flights to Uae, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other states of United Arab Emirates. Cheap Tickets to uae are available to book online at our travel portal.

United Arab Emirates or UAE is an alliance of seven states which was formed after independence from British in 1971. It is located near Arabian and Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia to the south. UAE is federation of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah and Ajman.

National language is Arabic however English is primary language because it was protected by British. It has its own culture but Emiratis are inspired with Persian, Asian and African culture as well. Natives have adopted Asian, Chinese, African and American food but their traditional food are Fish, meat and Rice which they like the most.

UAE stands as a seventh reserves for Oil and seventeenth largest reservoir for gas. Large portion of its economy is based on supply of oil and gas. Most of the area is covered with sand therefore it is famous for supplying one of the best dates in the world. Average temperature is 45C during summer and 10 to 14C during winter.

UAE takes its pride of being second largest economy in the Gulf Cooperation Council which is due to increase by 231 times after independence in 1971. UAE is going to launch EXPO 2020 which is a great success for the country and significant progress on its economy. UAE is filled with gigantic skyscrapers, Atlantis hotel, giant shopping malls with European American and Asian famous brand names, palm shaped beautiful hotel, newly built colonies, largest indoor aquarium, and sandy beaches. One should not miss a reconstructed model village inspired with pre-oil life, environment friendly Masdar city, Dubai desert Safari, Yas Marina Circuit and Emirati food catered in Mezlai. There are hundreds and thousands of things to do in UAE including gliding in hot air balloon, Dubai Hop on Hop Off tour, Sightseeing tour, sand boarding, and sightseeing in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Middle Eastern to seafood, Lebanese to Japanese, Thai or Italian, or whatever you like is available in UAE.

Aristocratic Dubai Mall has hundreds of stores with brand names and antiques at Khalifa centre. Tickets to uae are always on sale throughout the year due to world famous events like formula 1 grand prix, Dubai worlds championship golf tournament, Abu Dhabi film festival, Motor sports are Abu Dhabi desert challenge, latest fashion trends at Dubai fashion week, Dubai tennis championship or run along with thousands runners in Dubai marathon. Thousands of holiday makers dream about holidays in Dubai or getaway in Abu Dhabi.

Cheapest tickets to uae
are bus tickets if you are traveling from one of the neighborhood countries but other means of travel are train, traditional water taxis, and ferries.

Dubai International Airport is now ranked as busiest airport due to increase in number of people taking flights to uae over the last few years. There are few number of five star airlines who offer direct and yet cheap flights to uae like Emirates, Etihad airways, British airways, Virgin Atlantic, KLM Air France, Pegasus airline, Qantas, SNBrussles, Turkish airlines and many more. Passengers usually take the benefit and book cheap air fare due to strong competition between airlines. If you are looking forward to book your next trip to Middle East then leave all the stress, you are at the right place.